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A Blog is an easy way for a Business to get information across to it's market on a regular basis. It is just a Journal or ezine that can be read when it suits the reader. You can bookmark the page and return regularly or you can subscribe by email or RSS feed and be informed when it has been updated.

A Blog has the advantage over print in being more immediate and also allows a conversation between reader and publisher in the comments. A lot like the "Letters to the Editor" one finds in Newspapers and Magazines.

Although there are many good free Blogging platforms available, you have more control over your content if you host your Blog yourself. Wordpress is by far the most popular and is considered to be the best by bloggers all over the world.

Wordpress is a Content Management System. You can control the look and feel of the Blog by changing the Theme and tweak it further through the use of plug-ins

Depending on your needs, Solutions Web can set up your Wordpress Blog giving you full or limited control over what you publish. Solutions Web will provide the necessary training and backup, so that you do not get overwhelmed. You will find using Wordpress as easy to use as checking your email.

Solutions Web - le Blog is shown here as an example of Blog attached to a Web Site. It is hosted as part of the main Web Site (although, it could also be hosted separately and have it's own domain name.) It could also be the Home Page of the Web Site, with the whole site having the same look and fell throughout.

The Theme or Template is the Twenty Eleven Theme that comes standard with Wordpress, but has been customised to show what can be done. There are several Themes that can be customised as well Frames that can be used to build upon to create a Theme or Template to suit your Web Site.

Visit our Live Example Blog: Solutions Web - le Blog

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