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Twitter is described as a "micro-blogging" service. Whilst you make expect that is means shortened posts, it does not fully describe the length of those post. Each posting on Twitter is only 140 characters long including spaces. it is fact similar to texting on a mobile phone. You want to get as much information as possible over restricted by the amount of characters.

But, what use is it to a business owner if it is so restrictive? Actually it is the perfect tool to get over a short quick message to your followers. Twitter is like all other social media a two way street. Once you have followed someone and they have followed you, you can communicate through direct messages or reply to a tweet that they sent. You can follow trends by search out a subject or hash tag.

Whilst you can have Twitter open in your Internet browser, it better to use a desktop application such as Tweetdeck or Seesmic, which allows you to have several columns open at once allowing you receive direct messages, follow trends and even have several other Twitter accounts.

In order for any campaign to be success full we need to look at what products and services you intend to promote and to whom. Are you taking you audience from your existing clients are are you wanting to expand your customer base. We will plan the message that you wish to broadcast and send them off at agreed times. Of course the outgoing messages are only half of it. We need to set up a method of filtering the noise around your brand and taking part in any conversation that arises. When need to work with you or a staff member so that all questions or queries that arise can be handled quickly and efficiently

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