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tHe cReative aLternative

Web Presence has evolved beyond having just a Web Site to promote your Business. You now have the opportunity to to increase your presence on the Internet with a vast variety of creative and social media tools.

Business has been quick to realise the versatility of the media we use in our day to day surfing. We read blogs on subjects that interest us, so why not use them to promote our business. We correspond by e-mail, it is a also a good way to distribute information to our customer base.

Whilst your Web Site is at the core of your Web Presence, Solutions Web believe that it is these creative and social tools, that we are already using when surfing the Internet, that will help you to promote your business. We are so confident about this that we not only created a division around this, we gave it a new name - tHe cReative aLternative.

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