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Business Resources.

Small Business
SEDA - Small Enterprise Development Agency
CIPC - Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
The Forum South Africa "Let's talk business"

Useful Government Departments
South African Goverment Online
Department of Labour
DTI - Department of Trade & Industries

Business e-Books from
e-Books are defiantly the way of the future, both convenient and portable as well as being environment friendly. They can read in PDF format on your PC or on a special e-Book reader. (And can be downloaded immediately, once paid for)

Elonex 500EB Colour eReader
An inexpensive, but capable portable e-book reader that you can take with you.
The Consumer Protection Act - Made easy (eBook)
Business will face stiff penalties under the New Consumer Protection Act. You need to see where and how you will be liable.
Nelson Mandela's Leadership Lessons (eBook)
Nelson Mandela proved to be a fair and just President of ythe New South Africa. He is respected throughout the world as a true leader.
Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy (eBook) The Internet is not going away. A proper search engine strategy is essential to your Web Site's survival.
The Warren Buffett Way (eBook)
Warren Buffet has the reputation of being the greatest investor of all time. See why.

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