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The Mobile Internet

When I was in my teens, I would carry a 20 cent piece (which in the 1970's was as big as a R5 piece today) in my pocket, in case I got stuck and needed to phone time. Over time the cost of public phones went up, phone cards were introduced and they remained the only way to contact family and friends for a lot of South African. Today, the situation is different, public phones still exist but almost everybody has a mobile phone.

Staying touch has become easier. Children pass on their old phones to their parents (some times it is the other way round), there are cheap phones available, which when coupled with an inexpensive pay as you go voucher helps to stay in touch. New improved phones are being released all the time and mobile telephony is a growth industry.

Except mobiles phones are not just used for phone calls. They are used to send text messages (sms) or connect on Mxit, a social network. Ten of course, if you have been paying attention to the television and magazine advert, phones are be used to connect to FaceBook, receive Tweets on Twitter amongst other activities.

Connecting to the Internet using a mobile phone is proving to be more popular that using a desktop or laptop. Often when I am working at my local coffee shop, I am the only person using a PC to connect to the wifi, most often people are using their smart phones. If I look at the analytic s for the Web Sites that I manage, I notice the increase in visits by Smart Phones and Pads (mainly iPads but also Galaxy).

Over time you will have owned several mobile phones, each with a different screen size. Even Smart Phones will differ in screen size (not to mention operating systems). Compare the size of your desk top PC or lap top to your mobile phone screen and it is obvious that Web Sites have to be tweaked to work on a mobile phones of different sizes. As Smart Phones become more popular, more people are using them to connect to the Internet.

It is therefore very important that your Web Site can be read on any phones as well as any PC. The Mobile Internet is becoming an important source for customers to visit your Web Site.

Solutions Web designs all Web Sites with this in mind. All Web Sites created by Solutions Web are tested using a PC as well as a Blackberry, Android and iPhone and iPad emulator.

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