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Web Site Management

You take the time and effort to manage your business, and yet you let your Web Site, that a a global reach, look after itself. It is such short sightedness that can ruin your online business and reputation.

A Web Site is a promotional tool and without traffic, is a wasted expense. As part of our service, when we built and deployed the Web Site, we optimised it for the 3 major search engines. As part of our management service, we monitor how successful this has been. We look at were the traffic is coming from and what it is doing on the Web Site. We look at how to improve the traffic so that you achieve your goal with the Web Site.

In order to improve your search engine ranking, Solutions Web will keep tweaking your Search Engine Optimisation. This will include organic(included) and as well as Pay per Click (Optional Extra Cost)

A Web Site that disappears from the Internet is another wasted expense. Solutions Web monitors your sites uptime, making sure that should the site go down, that it is quickly restored. We look at your hosting companies performance and should be necessary advise and assist in changing hosts.

Your outgoing links are just as important. Solutions Web checks for broken links and links that are not appropriate for you business. We take care of any general changes you may need and check that te site loads quickly and properly.

Managing your Web Site will preventing you losing your clients or worse, your business.

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