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Hosting Your Web Site

The Internet has turned business on its head. A very popular business model on the Internet, is to give your product or service away free. Strange as it may seem, this can turn out to be very profitable. Once you are a customer, it is easy for the company to sell you their premium products. Which, unless the free service or product is of a poor quality, you most probably will buy should you need it.

Free Web Site Hosts.

Free Web Hosts survive by selling advertising and premium services such as Domain Name registration. Unless they can recover their costs when it comes to giving away free services, they will be forced to shut down. Yahoo's Geocities is a prime example of free service shutting down and leaving many Web Site owners stranded.

Paid Web Hosting.

Using paid hosting gives you more control over your Web Site, but like everything else, you get what you pay for. Hosting companies have different packages starting low and increasing in price, depending on what is offered.

Today's Web Sites are more complex than what used to be the case. At Solutions Web, we use Wordpress, a Content Management System to create Web Sites and therefore need a package that includes a Database and the latest version of PHP. Then there is the amount of storage space, bandwidth and email addresses to consider.

Solutions Web tailors hosting packages according to our customers needs, this includes;

All Web Sites are monitored to ensure that they are live and steps are taken immediately they go down.

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