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Facebook has gone from being the domain of teens and young adults to being the most widely accept social platform on the Internet, used by both young and old. It allows you to start conversations and connect with friends in real time. It is also possible to use Facebook for business.

Facebook even gives you two options;

Groups are for build a community around your product and service. It is a place for you to connect and interact with your group members. You can keep the group private or open to any one, but they have to have a Facebook profile to join. As Administrator you can email your group members.

You need to visit the group in order to find out what is happening. Groups are only visible to Facebookmembers who are logged in.

Pages can be found by anyone, not just Facebook members, making them ideal to promote your products and services, linking elswhere on the Internet. Pages also provide you with stats. You can add Twitter feeds and applications for Youtube and Flickr. When a Fan takes an action on you page it is transmitted to his news feed allow his friends who subcribe to his fee to see this.

It is obvious that each one has it's advantages and disadvantages. How do you choose which, if either, is right for you? Before we can make a decision, we have to look at:

Once we help you decide which Solution is best for you, Solutions Web will set it up and set up schedule around the Solution. Whilst, you staff are a definite choice to monitor the Facebook and act as Administrator, Facebook is addictive and you are better advised to have us monitor it for you, allowing staff to get on with their work.

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