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Until recently, Internet connections in South Africa, were expensive and slow, leaving us to trail behind the rest of the world. This has changed with cheaper and faster bandwidth now available, leaving South Africa to play catch-up.

Solutions Web offers Small Business a Solution that can evolve as your business grows. We can design you a one page Business Card to a larger Web Site including an online shop. We look at what your needs are and what you can afford and help you to chose a Web Site Solution that suits you.

Solutions Web uses Wordpress as a Content Management System (CMS) to build our Web Sites. Worpress is a powerful CMS, updated frequently with a vast number of plug-ins to extend its abilities. The look and feel is easy to change using he many themes that are available. Web Sites created in Wordpress can be updated in real time using a simple to use control panel. The software that controls Wordpress lives on the server that hosts your Web Site.

Because business today is fast paced, you might want to be able to update your Web Site immediately a change occurs. At Solutions Web, we provide the necessary training and guidance so that you can learn to do this yourself. Of course, we are only a phone call away.

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