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A blog is a journal published on the Internet. It is a way to promote your company, your products, services and the latest news, presented in an objective manner. Articles can be archived and a permanent record kept in both date and category order.

A blog helps you to INFORM and INTERACT with your audience. Unlike a newspaper or a magazine, your audience can react immediately by posting a comment, which you can see and reply to almost immediately. If you are promoting a product or service, you can link directly to that product or service. In fact when they arrive at that page, you will have already done pre selling and there is a better change of them purchasing it.

Solutions Web in association with our sister company, tHe cReative aLternative provide a Professional Blogging service tailored to your needs. We sit down with you to discuss:

We will do a mail shot to your existing clients informing them of them the blog and inviting them to view it. We will promote the blog to your target audience and provide you with regular feed back on the progress.

The most obvious benefit to you is that we are saving you both time and money. The time that you or a staff member would spend setting up and publishing your blog, can be spent on running your business and thus creating revenue. We pay attention to new trends that are constantly taking place on the Internet and keep you informed, especially when it directly affects you.

A blog is an important part of your marketing arsenal and professionally run, can generate both Brand Awareness and goodwill that will result in added turnover.

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